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Trading With Fractals (Lifetime)

Fractals are tools of technical analysis developed by successful trader Bill Williams. Fractals define very complex and chaotic structure of price movement into smaller waves. As such, they can help us to find order and structure in the markets. This course will help you to understand how to use the fractal in your trading plan.

What You Wil Learn

  • Learn how to identify market structure
  • Learn how to identify support and resistance levels
  • Learn how to identify trend direction
  • Learn the most reliable entry levels
  • Learn the most reliable stop loss levels
  • Learn how to become a better trader using fractals
Meet the instructor

Carl Burgette

Carl Burgette is a professional trader and educator to thousands of students across the world. Widely known as an Ichimoku expert and one of the industry's leading Ichimoku technical analysts, Carl has nearly two decades of financial market experience.

His career started with GFAN brokerage firm in 2001 as a proprietary trader executing an assortment of market strategies. Since 2008 Carl has traded his personal account along with instructing and educating students. In 2014 Carl started FX At One Glance with an approach to provide affordable trading and investor education services.
Carl Burgette - Course Author