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High Probability Price Action (Lifetime)

The High Probability Price Action Course was designed to serve as a practical guide on the principles of price action trading. The core premise within is that any dedicated student, before long, should be able to trade confidently and profitably using the concepts of price action trading. Price action trading is a strategy that does not use technical indicators but relies solely upon repeated price patterns that indicate to traders what direction the market is likely to move. This course will put you on the path to understanding the market and help you to understand high probability trading opportunities just based on price alone.
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What You Will Learn!

  • Learn how to identify institutional activity
  • Learn to find supply and demand zones
  • Learn how to determing if a zone will hold
  • Learn exact entry levels
  • Learn how to internalize market behaviour
  • Simplicity
Meet the instructor

Carl Burgette

Carl Burgette is a professional trader and educator to thousands of students across the world. Widely known as an Ichimoku expert and one of the industry's leading Ichimoku technical analysts, Carl has nearly two decades of financial market experience.

His career started with GFAN brokerage firm in 2001 as a proprietary trader executing an assortment of market strategies. Since 2008 Carl has traded his personal account along with instructing and educating students. In 2014 Carl started FX At One Glance with an approach to provide affordable trading and investor education services.
Carl Burgette - Course Author