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📣 Introducing the Ultimate Live Funded Trader Course:                          Ace Your Apex Evaluations! 📈💰

Are you struggling to pass your Apex evaluations and secure the funded trading account you deserve? We understand your frustration, and we're here to help! Join our groundbreaking Live Funded Trader Course, specially designed to equip traders like you with the skills and strategies needed to overcome past failures and achieve success in your Apex evaluations! This is a live course starting Monday, January 8, 2024, with live futures trading weekly.
  • Expert Guidance
  • Understanding Liquidity
  • Live Trading Sessions
  • Trading Strategy Provided
  • Interactive Q&A Sessions

Ichimoku Master Class

Learn to trade proven smart money concepts used by professional traders. You'll learn the skills you need to trade like a professional. Take control of your financial freedom today.
  • Ichimoku Wave Theory
  • Ichimoku Price Observation Theory
  • Ichimoku Time Theory
  • Ichimoku Three Roles Reversal Trade Strategy
  • Ichimoku Market structure

Ichimoku Foundational Course

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of technical analysis? Do you want to learn a simple yet effective trading strategy that can help you identify trends, support and resistance levels, and potential trading opportunities? Then this Ichimoku Foundational Course is for you. By the end of this course, you'll be able to:
  • Understand the key components of Ichimoku
  • Identify trading opportunities.
  • Interpret the Ichimoku cloud
  • Identify potential trend reversals
  • Integrate Ichimoku into your overall trading plan 

Ichimoku Advanced Japanese Techniques Course

By the end of the course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of advanced Ichimoku techniques and strategies that you can apply to your own trading. Who should purchase this course:
  • Traders who want to advance their knowledge of Ichimoku 
  • Experienced traders who want to enhance their trading strategies using Ichimoku
  • Traders who want a rules based trading system
  • Traders who want to analyze the markets more efficiently

High Probability Price Action Course

The High Probability Price Action Course was designed to serve as a practical guide on the principles of price action trading. The core premise within is that any dedicated student, before long, should be able to trade confidently and profitably using the concepts of price action trading. Price action trading is a strategy that does not use technical indicators but relies solely upon repeated price patterns that indicate to traders what direction the market is likely to move. This course will put you on the path to understanding the market and help you to understand high probability trading opportunities just based on price alone.
  • Candlestick Analysis
  • Reversal Patterns
  • Continuation Patterns
  • Identify potential trade opportunities
  • Build confidence by understanding the chart 

Trading With Fractals

Fractals are tools of technical analysis developed by successful trader Bill Williams. Fractals define very complex and chaotic structure of price movement into smaller waves. As such, they can help us to find order and structure in the markets. This course will help you to understand how to use the fractal in your trading plan.
  • Easy to identify
  • Provides clear levels of support and resistance
  • identifies trend direction
  • Identify potential trade opportunities
  • Can be used in conjunction with other technical indicators
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Become Obsessed With Being Great

Successful people have this feeling on a daily basis. When they want something, they devote their entire focus and energy to making it a reality. Until they achieve their goal, they're not focused on anything else.

Benefits of our training program

The best instructors have designed the most motivating learning paths for you

Access to Expertise

Our trading courses are designed and taught by an experienced trader who has a track record of success. By purchasing our courses, you can gain access to mentor expertise and learn from real experience.

Structured Learning

Our courses are designed to provide a structured approach to learning, with a clear outline of what topics will be covered, and in what order. This can help you to learn more efficiently and effectively than if you were to learn on your own.


Our trading courses can be taken at your own pace and on your own schedule. This allows you to learn at a time that suits you and can help you to balance your learning with other commitments.


Some of our courses offer interactive learning experiences, such as live webinars, Q&A sessions, and forums where you can interact with other traders. This can help you to deepen your understanding of the material and ask questions in real-time.


Online trading courses can often be more cost-effective than in-person courses, as they do not require travel expenses or other associated costs. This can make them a more affordable option for traders who are just starting out or who want to learn new trading strategies without breaking the bank.


As you know, online trading courses are very expensive, but compare our prices to any other online trading courses and I am sure you will see that we offer the best prices around. Don't let the price fool you! You will be provided with top notch trading education!

Get Closer To Your Goals

Setting trading goals can be a useful endeavor to help you navigate the markets. This also gives you a roadmap to where you want to go in your trading journey. Becoming a member of our community  allows you to collaborate with like minded traders where you can discuss your goals and learn how to achieve those goals. Our courses give you the knowledge you need to ensure that you have all the tools needed to be successful.

Here's what some of our students have to say about our training program.

I have been attempting to learn how to trade for over 20 years but nothing has clicked for me, that is until I met Carl at FX At One Glance. The content and material are great but what sets Carl and his teachings above the rest is his application of the teaching materials to real time in the moment data. Carl goes above and beyond to help his students by hosting many live webinars to review the current markets and application of the techniques and concepts he teaches. Carl is constantly reinforcing previous teachings and explaining new concepts which has made all the difference for me. I started an annual membership and then changed to a Lifetime Membership. Save yourself the hassle and just sign up for the membership.
Jeff Stephens
I have been a member of FX At One Glance for the last 2 years, but prior to that I had been following Carl for many years on YouTube. He is not only a master of Ichimoku Trading but also a great teacher who is willing to share his knowledge lovingly. His courses are fabulous to say the least, and is extremely helpful to both the novice and advanced traders. His webinars are of the greatest quality and have helped me tremendously in my own trading. In recent times the icing on the cake has been trade ideas for the week ahead, which is a great help when I am feeling a bit uncertain.
As someone who is learning in his spare time (work at a job and have my own business) Carl's courses are packed full of information and explained clearly so that I can learn at my own pace.

On top of that his live weekly market review sessions help you to see the theory put into practice.

I've paid for a few courses but Carl's courses have kept me engaged and actually helped me to move forward in my trading journey.
FX At One Glance has taught me everything I need to know to be a successful and profitable forex trader. Courses are to the point, detailed with well explained examples, and the tests at the end of every course lesson really test your knowledge of what you just learned. This ensures a deep understanding of concepts and course materials. Lifetime membership grants you access to a whole new world of basic to quite advanced courses in forex, and crypto trading courses. All the knowledge that you gain access to as a lifetime member in contrast to how much you pay is immeasurable. It's the best investment I've made so far in life, hands down!
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